Park Rules

Town of Cicero Youth Bureau, Parks & Recreation

Park Usage Policy

 Rules, Expectations & Regulations



1.    Park hours are 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour following sunset.

2.    All parks in the Town of Cicero are “carry in, carry outfacilities. You are required to remove litter or trash that is generated by your use of the park or facility.

3.    Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all Town of Cicero facilities and parks.

4.    ALL of our parks are Smoke & Vape free: Smoking is prohibited in all buildings, pavilions, youth playing fields, green space, playgrounds, splash-pad and restrooms.

5.    All dogs must be leashed in all parks at all times. Dogs are not allowed during youth leagues or certain (specified) town sanctioned programs. Animals are prohibited inside all buildings. Owners must properly dispose of animal waste. Waste bags are provided at most parks.

6.    Respect other groups in the park using the facilities. A pavilion reservation does NOT give you exclusive rights to the whole park and its added amenities.

7.    Absolutely no loud music or any kind or sound amplification allowed (unless specifically requested at the time of the permit) Volume must be within the Town’s acceptable levels.

8.    Driving on park grounds or grass areas is prohibitedAll vehicles must remain in parking lots. Please comply with all “No parking, Handicap and Fire Lane” designations. Violators will be ticketed and or towed at owners’ expense.

9.    No open fires/flames, overnight camping or hunting allowed in ANY Town park at any time.

·         Gas or propane grills are prohibited. Charcoal grills only are allowed.

10. Snowmobiles or ATV’s are prohibited at ALL parks.(with the exception of use for ice fishing purposes at William Park as designated)

11. All groups of persons under the age of 18 will be chaperoned by persons 21 or older on a basis of 1 adult per 10 persons under 18.

12. All restrooms are seasonal. Only portable toilets are available at some parks. The public restrooms at William Park are open daily when staffed. 

13. No advertising of events without permission from the Town of Cicero Parks & Recreation Department.           

14. No soliciting of any kind in any Park facility.

15. Selling of any item is prohibited without a permit from the Town of Cicero. No admission fee shall be imposed without permission of the Town of Cicero.

16. Groups using catering food service may be required to have Health permits from the Onondaga County Health DepartmentCompliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the State of New York, the Town of Cicero, and Onondaga County Health Department is a requirement of the permit holder. Failure to follow any of the rules and regulations will result in loss of future reservation privileges. The Department assumes no responsibility for storing food, beverages or supplies delivered to the park.

17. Firearms/Dangerous Instruments: No person except Police Officers shall carry firearms (as defined in the NYS Penal Law), nor shall any person carry or possess air guns, bb guns, paintball guns or other dangerous instruments capable of causing physical harm to citizens in any park located in Town of Cicero.

Pavilion/Gazebo Rentals/Reservations:


1.    Reservations are accepted online, in person, or by mail on a first come, first serve basis. Payment must accompany completed rental form. Requests for facility use will be taken on and after January 1st each year. You will need to list specific times of your event in the registration process.

2.       The Town of Cicero reserves the right to void the permit should facilities become unavailable for any reason.

3.       This permit is for the period shown and is subject to all the rules and regulations for the Town of Cicero. The Department will not guarantee accommodations for more than the numbers indicated

4.       Issuance of a Park Permit is dependent upon payment of appropriate fees according to the Town of Cicero Parks & Recreation fee schedule.

5.    Applicants assume responsibility of participants, guests or spectators and assume any damages.

6.    The Parks & Recreation Director will process permits (with input when deemed applicable from the Commission), then inform applicants orally or in writing under what stipulations they have been granted park usage.

7.    The use of nails or duct tape on walls or posts at any facility/pavilion is prohibited. Use of any of these will result in loss of deposit.

8.    Damages to all facilities, leaving trash or neglect in returning them to original condition will result in billing the permit holder for total cost of materials, supplies and man-hours necessary to offset the aforementioned actions, along with forfeiture of deposit. This includes, but is not limited to:

a) Lack of trash pick-up of park.

b) Vehicles on turf areas.

c) Improper use of keys/codes.

d) Improper use of Town materials or supplies.

e) Damage to walls or posts.

f) Usage of ball fields under wet conditions and failure to repair accordingly (where applicable)

9.    Park facilities do not have electricity. Generators or portable electricity are not allowed without prior approval.

10. Inflatable apparatus allowed with prior approval only. (Renter must provide insurance certificate naming the Town as additional insured).


** In the event that you need to cancel an already reserved pavilion/gazebo there will be a 25% cancellation fee along with an administrative processing fee.


Joseph F. William Park Additional Rules & Regulations


1. We are a SMOKE/VAPE free park. Smoking of ANY kind is prohibited.

2. All rentals at J.F William Park only reserve that specific pavilion/gazebo.

3. Splash Pad/Playground: If you have a reservation; this does not mean that the Splash Pad / playground is exclusively yours for that day. This is still a public park and will need to be shared with the general public

4. No swimming allowed. Wading is allowed in designated area only, when weather and water conditions permit.

5. ALL Children under the age of 16 MUST BE accompanied by an adult at all times while at the park/splash pad.

6. In the event your reservation is when park staff is not on site: a bathroom code will be given to you for your specific day and will be deleted thereafter.

7. No docking boats. Car top style watercraft can be launched from designated kayak/canoe dock. (boats can anchor in the lake and boaters walk into beach)

8. Fishing in designated areas only. (please take care of any items or tools as kids are barefoot)

9. Dogs must be leashed at all times.

a.    Owners must properly dispose of animal waste. Waste bags are provided at most parks.







Revised 1/2024